NSF statement on the National Objectives for Digital Assets Research and Development

“The National R&D Agenda for Digital Assets will identify research frontiers that can in turn advance the underpinnings of digital assets as well as their many use cases,” said Margaret Martonosi, NSF assistant director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering.  “This work can help us move toward addressing pressing societal and economic challenges, while also ensuring responsible development of digital assets.”

“By bringing together the Federal Government with America’s colleges and universities, private industry including startups and small businesses, nonprofits, and civil society, we will unleash the full potential for digital assets in a safe, secure, transparent, resilient, trustworthy, and equitable manner,” said Erwin Gianchandani, NSF assistant director for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships. "I look forward to the National R&D Agenda paving the way toward innovative new solutions spanning a wide range of domains and sectors.”

Learn more at: https://www.nitrd.gov/pubs/National-Objectives-for-Digital-Assets-RD-2023.pdf