NSF Statement on the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Regional Technology and Innovation Hub designees

"The U.S. National Science Foundation applauds the U.S. Economic Development Administration on its announcement today of Regional Technology and Innovation Hub designees. Thanks to the CHIPS and Science Act, NSF and EDA share a critical mission to catalyze regional innovation and economic development in communities throughout the nation. By working together, NSF’s Regional Innovation Engines and EDA’s Tech Hubs will accelerate the technology advancement and commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship, and workforce training that is critical to our global competitiveness. Most importantly, they will harness the full innovative potential of talent across the wide geography of the nation to create jobs and grow local and regional economies. We look forward to building on our recent Memorandum of Understanding and today’s announcement by working with EDA to ensure the use-inspired research and development that results from the NSF Engines – which we anticipate announcing later this year – produce exactly the kinds of innovative breakthroughs that are ready to scale through essential initiatives like EDA Tech Hubs. These activities are central to keeping the U.S. competitive in key technology areas and addressing critical national, societal, and geostrategic challenges."