NSF’s Convergence Accelerator is funding a use-inspired training opportunity to tackle climate challenges with AI

NSF’s Convergence Accelerator is excited to announce a collaborative convergence research opportunity to address climate-related issues. The CORE Institute

or Convergence Research Institute, part of the Convergence Accelerator’s Track D: AI-Driven Data Sharing and Modeling, provides graduate student, early-career and mid-career researchers and practitioners with the opportunity to gain convergent skills to identify use-inspired solutions to societal challenges through a six-week training program. The Institute’s theme for the 2023 CORE Fellows is “Tackling Climate-Induced Challenges with AI” and the call for applicants is now open.

The topic was selected for being complex, requiring a multidisciplinary approach and strategies for climate change, adaptation, resilience, and mitigation. In Spring 2023, selected applicants will participate in the virtual program, designed to gain use-inspired skills and to develop new solutions to address the related topic focus.  

“National-scale societal problems, such as climate change, are best solved through a convergence approach, to include a wide range of experts and stakeholders,” said Mike Pozmantier, Program Director for the Convergence Accelerator’s Track D. “Convergence isn’t easy. It requires work to form cohesive teams with diverse expertise and backgrounds. The CORE Institute is the Track D’s track integration project, designed to provide participants the skills and networks to collaborate effectively, while also providing collaboration opportunities for not only traditional researchers, but policymakers, nonprofit and industry members, independent technology experts, and more.”

Track integration is a Convergence Accelerator program aspect that provides phase 2 teams, within a convergence research track, the opportunity to develop and collaborate on a unified project together. The CORE Institute is guided by a leadership council composed of members from Track D’s six Phase 2 projects, and is being coordinated at the University of California, San Diego.

The Institute is receiving applications to the training program through January 8, 2023. 

Apply to the 2023 CORE Fellows Training Program