Information for Advisory Committee Members

This page outlines how to prepare for an advisory committee or subcommittee meeting at the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Before your meeting

1. Complete the Confidential Conflict-of-Interest Statement

You are required to complete this statement if you have not completed one within the past 12 months. Please print, read and sign the Confidential Conflict-of-Interest Statement for NSF Advisory Committee Members. Once completed and signed, email your statement to the meeting coordinator.

2. Register for your meeting in the Travel and Reimbursement System

Before arriving for your meeting, you must enter or update your personal data and banking information. Registration is required for NSF to reimburse/compensate you for your service. You must register in the system even if you are attending your meeting virtually. 

Follow the instructions outlined in the Travel and Reimbursement System fact sheet to register for your meeting.

3. Read any documents and complete any tasks that you have been assigned by committee leadership and/or the meeting coordinator.

If attending virtually

Review the Tips for Virtual Meetings page to learn how to test your computer setup and review meeting etiquette to ensure a successful meeting.

If attending in person

Review the Visit NSF webpage for information about how to get to NSF, how to access the NSF building, NSF's computer security policy and other important visitor information.

Day of your meeting

If attending virtually

The meeting link will be provided by program staff (most likely via email). View the How to Join a Zoom Meeting fact sheet for guidance.

If attending in person

Please plan to arrive at NSF at least 30 minutes before your scheduled meeting to allow time to pass through security and obtain your visitor pass.

After obtaining your pass, proceed to the designated meeting room in the NSF Panel Conference Center located on the second and third floor.

1. Record your meeting attendance

You must record your attendance each day of your meeting using Meeting Sign-in and Reimbursement to receive reimbursement/compensation from NSF. View the Instructions for Meeting Sign-in fact sheet for step-by-step guidance.

2. Join your meeting

3. Contact us if something goes wrong