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Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs) Program Webinar

About the series

As part of its investments in supporting Big Data, NSF is pleased to announce a funding opportunity to ignite new partnerships between academia, industry, and government around Big Data.

The Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs) program aims to establish four BD Hubs across four distinct geographic locations (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West). Each BD Hub would be a consortium of members from academia, industry and/or government that represent the breadth of interested stakeholders and focus on key Big Data challenges and opportunities within its region. Funding will directly support an executive director and staff that will manage membership and partnership building within the BD Hub.

Please join CISE for a webinar on Friday, April 3rd at 1pm ET to learn more about the program and its connection to the recently announced Charrettes for Accelerating the Big Data Innovation Ecosystem

To Join the Webinar:

Please register at: https://nsf.webex.com/nsf/j.php?RGID=rc8c3946ae2205d8c7fb94fc8b8159d39

by 11:59pm EDT on Thursday, April 2, 2015.

After your registration is accepted, you will receive an email with a URL to join the meeting. Please be sure to join a few minutes before the start of the webinar. This system does not establish a voice connection on your computer; instead, your acceptance message will have a toll-free phone number that you will be prompted to call after joining. Please note that this registration is a manual process; therefore, do not expect an immediate acceptance. In the event the number of requests exceeds the capacity, some requests may have to be denied.


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