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Bootstrapping: Facilitated Co-Evolution within our Cyberinfrastructures

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Lecturer: Doug Engelbart

Complexity and urgency of mankinds collective problems have steadily been increasing over the centuries; exploding technology is accelerating the ncrease. An opportunity exists to harness technology toward much increased "Collective IQ." Nice to think of ... but much more ... if we don't accelerate our pursuit of collective capability, our society could collapse upon itself. Looking to the positive, there are concepts and strategies which can explicitly improve society's "improvement infrastructures" by the very products of an explicit pursuit of increased "Collective IQ." Re-investing those gains in a "bootstrap" strategy -- compound ROI. Large-scale challenge; time to consider appropriate large-scale re-oriented approach at national levels.

References, for those interested -- webified copies of articles at "The Engelbart Papers," (linked to from Bootstrap.org) found at: http://www.bootstrap.org/institute/bibliography.html

with the most relevant being: "Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware" http://www.bootstrap.org/augment-132811.htm The "Tool System" needs special attention within this "facilitated co-evolution" -- see the Open Hyperdocument System (OHS) discussions at http://www.bootstrap.org/augment-132811.htm#7 and http://www.bootstrap.org/augment-132811.htm#8

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