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Cybersecurity Innovation for CI (NSF-21-512) Webinar

About this event

Note: This Webinar covers the NSF 21-512 solicitation.

The objective of the Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI) program is to develop, deploy and integrate solutions that benefit the broader scientific community by securing science data, workflows, and infrastructure.

Scientific research infrastructure poses unique security and privacy challenges. Scientific workloads are frequently different than their non-scientific counterparts, while complex and unique software and hardware can present vulnerabilities not found in traditional environments. Collaboration and sharing are integral to the scientific enterprise but must adhere to security policies and regulations while providing as seamless as possible of a workflow to domain scientist users. Scientific data and computation are encumbered with a variety of different security constraints, and solutions to protecting data, computation, and workflows must both balance and expose these trade-offs.  The Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI) program solicits work to develop, deploy, and integrate security, privacy, and usability solutions that benefit the wider scientific community.


This webinar will be hosted by NSF CICI program officers and will provide: i) an overview of the program; ii) details of the current NSF 21-512 CICI solicitation and changes from previous years, and iii) an opportunity for potential proposers to ask questions about the program.


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