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Cyberterrorism: We're Toast

About this event

Lecturer: Bill Neugent, Chief Engineer for Cybersecurity MITRE

Computer security--talk about an oxymoron. We're the most technologically advanced nation in the world, and the most vulnerable. Against the threat of professionals, our society is about as safe as beach cottages on a sand bar. That's according to Chicken Little. Hear the real story and get answers to some crucial questions:

  • Can a cyber Pearl Harbor happen?
  • Why hasn't it?
  • How did we get into this mess?
  • How do we get out of it?
The talk explores the variety of factors that contribute to cyber dependencies and vulnerabilities and examines the threat from terrorists and other adversaries. From an enterprise perspective, a near-term cybersecurity strategy is presented for addressing the problem, including discussion of the benefits and shortcomings of new technologies. From a national perspective, the talk summarizes selected activities within the national cybersecurity strategy, including areas needing research by both the critical infrastructure sectors and government.

About the Lecturer:
Bill Neugent works for MITRE, where he is the chief engineer for over 200 cybersecurity experts who advise the federal government. He typically works with the senior cybersecurity planner within an agency to advise on strategies and investment areas. He has developed cybersecurity strategies for a number of government agencies and was a primary architect of the Defense-in-Depth strategy that has been implemented throughout the U.S. military. Twenty-five years ago, he created and taught a graduate course in cybersecurity at The American University, one of the first such courses in the country. Recently he has focused on near-term approaches and research needs for countering insider threats. Bill is also a novelist. His new novel "No Outward Sign" about a cyberterrorist attack on the U.S. became one ofAmazon's 500 best-selling books.

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