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CyberTraining and SCIPE Program Webinar

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The NSF Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure’s Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining) program (previously NSF 22-574) has been modified for the upcoming solicitation. The Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Professional project class has been removed and placed into a new solicitation entitled Strengthening the Cyberinfrastructure Professionals Ecosystem (SCIPE) (NSF 23-521). The Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining) solicitation (NSF 23-520) has been revised to reflect this.

This webinar will review the revised CyberTraining solicitation and the new SCIPE solicitation, including all project classes, and the priorities of the participating divisions.

The CyberTraining program seeks to prepare, nurture, and grow the national scientific research workforce for creating, utilizing, and supporting advanced cyberinfrastructure to enable and potentially transform fundamental science and engineering (S&E) research and education and contribute to the Nation's overall economic competitiveness and security. The goals of this solicitation are to (i) ensure broad adoption of CI tools, methods, and resources by the research community in order to catalyze major research advances and to enhance researchers’ abilities to lead the development of new CI, and (ii) integrate core literacy and discipline-appropriate advanced skills in advanced CI as well as computational and data-driven methods for advancing fundamental research, into the Nation’s undergraduate and graduate educational curriculum/instructional materials.

The SCIPE solicitation intends to further democratize access to NSF’s advanced cyberinfrastructure ecosystem of HPC systems, software tools, methods, data, and networks by strengthening how Cyberinfrastructure Professionals (CIP) provide equitable access to these resources and vital expertise. It aims to achieve this by: (i) deepening the integration of CIPs into the research enterprise; (ii) fostering innovative and scalable education, training, and development of instructional materials, to address emerging needs and unresolved bottlenecks in CIP workforce development; and (iii) nurturing, growing, and promoting institutional recognition of, the national CIP workforce that supports and develops advanced CI for transformative fundamental S&E research and education toward the Nation's overall economic competitiveness and security.

We will also have Q&A after our presentations in the webinar.

Both are led by the Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC) in the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) and have participation from other NSF directorates/divisions, as described in Section II. Program Description, Programmatic Areas of Interest. Not all directorates/divisions are participating at the same level, and some have specific research and education priorities.


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