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Data Science - Imagining a Population Health Model for Student Success

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Title: Imagining a Population Health Model for Student Success

Speaker: Ed Venit, Senior Director of the Education Advisory Board Company

Facing increased budget pressures, universities must learn how to scale their retention investments to reach more students and achieve better outcomes. Inspiration might be found in the health care industry, where hospitals face similar pressure to improve outcomes while controlling the rising costs of care.

The emerging strategy known as “population health management” (PHM) has improved ROI by using technology to assess patient risk and deliver degree and type of care tailored to each patient’s needs.  This presentation will introduce you to PHM principles, encourage discussion on how they might be applied to higher education, and share how some innovative universities are already shifting to PHM-like practices.

Dr. Venit’s current research focuses on the use of data analytics to transform academic advising. By studying course completion patterns associated with success and failure, colleges and universities can work to remove unseen barriers to degree completion and proactively intervene with students who have fallen off path.

Previously, Dr. Venit led research to produce the national best practice report Hardwiring Student Success, the culmination of over 200 interviews with success practitioners and 20 months of research. This report profiled sixteen case studies from exemplar institutions investing in data-driven early warning strategies to identify students for proactive follow-up from support services.

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