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Enabling the quantum revolution- pioneering advances to achieve quantum computing & impact at scale

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Dr. Krysta Svore is General Manager of Quantum Systems at Microsoft. She believes empowering people with the power of quantum computing, today and tomorrow, will be one of the greatest revolutionary steps in our history. She leads a team dedicated to realizing a commercial-scale quantum computing system and ecosystem to solve today’s unsolvable problems. She spent her early years at Microsoft developing machine-learning methods for web applications, including ranking, classification, and summarization algorithms. In 2018, Dr. Svore was named one of the 39 Most Powerful Women Engineers according to Business Insider. Dr. Svore serves as a member of the Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee of the Department of Energy and as a member of the ISAT Committee of DARPA.  She is an appointee of the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.  She has received an ACM Best of 2013 Notable Article award and was a member of the winning team of the Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge in 2010. She chaired the 2017 Quantum Information Processing Conference. Dr. Svore is a Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, a Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), a representative for the Academic Alliance of the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), and a member of the American Physical Society (APS). Dr. Svore has authored over 70 papers and has filed over 25 patents. She received her PhD in computer science with highest distinction from Columbia University and her BA from Princeton University in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and French.


Pioneering the next revolution requires scientific, technological, and community development.  It requires discovery and innovation, partnership and collaboration.  We’re traveling on a revolutionary journey together --- a journey to scale.  Solutions to planet-scale challenges require us to redefine computing to unlock breakthroughs.  Redefining computing to be empowered by quantum mechanics --- quantum computing --- promises to enable some of these breakthroughs.  But redefining computing requires redefining the full stack, in order to realize the full potential of quantum computing at scale. It also requires redefining how to work together and achieve breakthroughs.  I’ll describe how we are defining a new era of computing, what we need to do to reach the full potential of quantum computing,  and the challenges we need to continue to tackle, together, as a community to spark the next revolution in computing.

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