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Experiences Introducing Formal Methods into the Standardization Process

About this event

Lecturer: Dr. Catherine Meadows, Naval Research Laboratory

Research in the application of formal methods to cryptographic protocol analysis has grown rapidly, but it has yet to have much influence on the design and implementation of protocols intended for actual use. Designers of cryptographic protocols seem to recognize the importance of assurance, but there seems to be a lack of good pathways for introducing formal analysis into the design process.

This talk will describe a first step to providing such pathways through our efforts with the IETFs MSEC working group on the design and analysis of the Group Domain of Interpretation Protocol (GDOI). GDOI is a secure multicast protocol intended to work with the IETF's Internet Key Exchange protocol. Our work aims to identify and correct errors and ambiguities early, and speed up the standardization process by providing increased evidence of GDOIs soundness. This talk will describe our ongoing work in the analysis of GDOI and point out both benefits of the analysis and some open questions raised by our experiences.

About the Lecturer:
Dr. Catherine Meadows heads the Formal Methods Section in the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems at the Naval Research Laboratory. She is the principal designer of the NRL Protocol Analyzer, one of the first software tools to be used successfully for cryptographic protocol analysis, and has long been one of the leading figures in this area. She is active in the Internet Engineering Task Force, promoting the use of formal methods in the analysis of developing standards; she has performed analyses of the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Protocol and the Group Domain of Interpretation Protocol, and is currently working on the proposed successor to IKE, IKEv2. Dr. Meadows has published more than 75 papers on formal methods, cryptography, and security, and has chaired program committees for many technical conferences. She currently serves as co-editor-in-chief of the new International Journal on Information Security.

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