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Google-tech to CMU-SCS-tech: Strategy around Data, Augmented Humans and Autonomy

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Title: Google-tech to CMU-SCS-tech: Strategy around Data, Augmented Humans and Autonomy.

Abstract: In this talk I will give contrasts and personal experiences of some of the big developments in computer science from the perspective of someone crossing over from industry to academia. I will talk about roadmaps for AI-based consumer and advice products in the commercial world and contrast with some of the potentially viable roadmaps of US national interest. As part of that I will touch on developing strategy at the School of Computer Science (SCS) for entity stores (aka knowledge graphs), question answering, augmented humans and autonomy.

Bio:  Andrew W. Moore. PhD, a distinguished computer scientist with expertise in machine learning and robotics, became dean of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science in August 2014. He had previously served as a professor of computer science and robotics before taking a leave of absence to become founding director of Google's Pittsburgh engineering office in 2006.  Moore's research interests broadly encompass the field of "big data"--applying statistical methods and mathematical formulas to massive quantities of information, ranging from Web searches to astronomy to medical records, in order to identify patterns and extract meaning from that information. His past research has also included improving the ability of robots and other automated systems to sense the world around them and respond appropriately.

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