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Q&As and information sessions

Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) Office Hours

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Hosts for this office hour:

Ken Whang, Program Director, Robust Intelligence

Hector Muñoz-Avila, Information Integration, and Informatics


During this office hour, the Program Directors will briefly present information about ways to approach NSF funding opportunities and Dear Colleague Letters to better understand the contents of these documents, and how to approach them to increase one’s likelihood of success. They will answer also answer audience questions. They will The IIS Office Hours are for researchers interested in learning about programs and policies in the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) in the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate (CISE) at NSF. Office Hours are designed to give current and potential investigators a window into IIS. Attendance during office hours is voluntary and designed to help investigators gain information that can help them strengthen their proposals. Sessions will be closed-captioned.

 Please note that the office hours are designed to answer questions from a broad range of researchers and not inquiries about specific proposals. If you would like to talk about a specific proposal you are considering submitting or which was already reviewed, please email the relevant program. This will connect you with program officers with whom you can ask questions.


Information Integration and Informatics: iis-iii@nsf.gov

Robust Intelligence:iis-ri@nsf.gov


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