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Marty Schulman of Juniper Federal Systems on Internet Downtime

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Thirty-Seventh Washington Area Trustworthy Systems Hour (WATSH)


Marty Schulman, Chief Technology Office, Juniper Networks, will speak on 

Internet Downtime: As Certain as Taxes?


Numerous factors in the last decade contributed to increased Internet availability - enough to support a growing number of applications including e-commerce and mass market telephony, not to mention filing of State and Federal tax returns.  Will the trend continue, or will an increasingly complex and targeted system become more fragile?  This talk (two days before 2004 Federal tax returns are due) offers one person's perspective of the factors affecting Internet available over the previous and next ten years.

About the speaker:

Martin Schulman has 20 years of telecommunications industry experience, most recently as Chief Technologist at Juniper Federal Systems.  Mr. Schulman has also performed systems design and technology evaluation at Cisco Systems, Sprint International, Bell Atlantic and BBN Communications (both now Verizon.)  He taught graduate data communications and networking at Loyola College for five years, and is co-author of "The Internet Strategic Plan" (c 1997, John Wiley & Sons.)  He holds multiple patents, and has served as a consultant and expert witness in computer networking and security.


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