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Q&As and information sessions

NRT Solicitation Question and Answer Session

About the series

The NSF Research Traineeship program (NRT) is hosting a series of webinars for prospective proposers.  Webinars will be live sessions where potential principal investigators, university staff, and other interested entities are encouraged to ask NRT program directors any solicitation or program questions they may have.

NRT is designed to encourage the development and implementation of bold, new, potentially transformative, and scalable models for STEM graduate education training.  Within NRT there are two tracks: the Traineeship Track and the Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Track.

  • The Traineeship Track is dedicated to effective training of STEM graduate students in high priority interdisciplinary research areas, through the use of a comprehensive traineeship model that is innovative, evidence-based, scalable, and aligned with changing workforce and research needs.
  • The Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Track is dedicated solely to piloting, testing, and evaluating novel, innovative, and potentially transformative approaches to graduate education, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, to generate the knowledge required for their customization, implementation, and broader adoption.

To join a Q&A session, follow the hyperlinked time and track to register.  Once registered use the event password to join. 

  •              11/9/2015   

12 noon - 1 pm  NRT Track

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm  IGE Track

  •               11/10/2015    

12 noon - 1 pm  NRT Track

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm  IGE Track

  •              11/17/2015   

1pm - 2:00 pm   NRT Track

2:30 pm -3:30 pm IGE Track


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