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Ookami - Experiences during the First Three Years of a Computing Technology Testbed by Eva Siegmann

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Talk AbstractIn this talk, we will share experiences with running the Cray/HPE Apollo80 system, Ookami. Ookami is an NSF-funded testbed located at Stony Brook University. Since January 2021 it gives researchers worldwide access to 176 Fujitsu A64FX processors. By focusing on crucial architectural details, the ARM-based, multi-core, 512-bit SIMD-vector processor with ultrahigh-bandwidth memory promises to retain familiar and successful programming models while achieving very high performance for a wide range of applications. It supports various data types and enables both HPC and big data applications. Until today more than 100 projects and nearly 300 users were onboarded. Also, since October 2022 Ookami is an ACCESS resource provider. ACCESS is a network of advanced computational resources within the US. Given that the system is a testbed and the architecture of the Fujitsu A64FX nodes was novel to most users, substantial user support was required. We will report on various aspects of this project (e.g. outreach, user support, training, software management, monitoring), as well as our learnings from this exciting phase.  This includes initial challenges and hiccups as well as approaches to tackle them. 

Speaker Information: Eva is an applied mathematician and since 2021 work as a lead research scientist at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University. She is heavily involved in research computing on campus and one of her main responsibilities is the Ookami project, an NSF-funded computing technology testbed with Fujitsu A64FX processors. Dr. Siegmann’s responsibilities include scientific user support, outreach, dissemination of results, collaborations with other research groups, and project management. 

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