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Persistent Access Control: Security Architecture to Protect Content from Piracy

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Lecturer: Paul B. Schneck, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Veridian Corporation

The three components of this content-protection architecture are:

  • Protected Content: Content is protected by persistent encryption, using a secret key known only to the content owner. Protected content may be freely distributed, and cannot be accessed until users receive tickets;
  • Ticket: For each content file (or class of files), contains content decryption key and defines rights authorized to end-user. Ticket is limited to intended user/device by being public-key encrypted. A lightweight, public-key validation function prevents "spoofing". Users can receive tickets anonymously.
  • Access Manager: Software and tamper-detecting hardware safeguards the user/device's private key, secret keys; decrypts, interprets, and enforces the ticket; and ensures that content is used only as specified within the ticket.
Protected content can be stored and distributed openly. Access is available only to those users with tickets, and only under the conditions specified within the tickets.

Key discriminators of this architecture: open system, with no manufacturing or software secrets and no global or shared secrets; supports device revocation and renewability in the event of a compromise; supports legacy software without requiring changes.

About the Lecturer:
Paul B. Schneck is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Veridian Corporation, responsible for corporate R&D strategy and intellectual property. In addition to serving as the founding Director of the Supercomputing Research Center for the Institute for Defense Analyses, Dr. Schneck has served in senior positions with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the Office of Naval Research, MITRE, and Mitretek Systems. He is a Fellow of both the ACM and IEEE and serves on NSA's Advisory Board.

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