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Resilient Network Routing in Wireless Networks

About this event

Lecturer: Baruch Awerbuch, Professor at Johns Hopkins University

Existing routing solutions in wired or wireless networks do not appear to be capable of withstanding either

a) adaptive denial of service attacks (i.e., jamming/blocking routing paths used by the algorithm)

b) Byzantine behavior of arbitrary subsets of network nodes (i.e., massive amounts of network nodes, say, 99%, conspire to confuse the remaining reliable 1% of network nodes) We will discuss some recent techniques for handling such attacks in wireless networks.

About the Lecturer:
Baruch Awerbuch is a professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to Hopkins he has been a research associate and faculty at the MIT Laboratory For Computer Science and MIT Mathematics Department. His current research interests are peer-to-peer computing, network security, wireless networks, distributed systems, and combinatorial optimization.

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