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Security: Built-In, Not Bolted On! How Open Source Can Play a Role in Enhancing OS Security

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Lecturer: Shawn Geddis, Chairman of Secure Trusted OS [STOS] Consortium

Reports of "Trustworthy Computing" and "Pervasive System Security" are consuming quantities of ink (and bits) but will any commercial vendor be able to turn these dreams into reality? There is growing agreement that security is not a luxury, but a necessity. Applications need to be built on a solid foundation, not a shifting or fragile one. Operating systems must provide high-level abstractions to ensure that solutions can keep pace with technology advancements.

This talk will focus on Apple Computer's efforts to build security in from the ground up, including the role of the Common Data Security Architecture. CDSA is a security middleware specification and reference implementation that is open source, cross-platform, interoperable, extensible, and freely exportable (see http://www.opengroup.org/publications/catalog/c914.htm for the specification and http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdsa/ for an open source implementation effort). Apple's approach to the open source community and its active participation in several external security initiatives will also be described.

About the Lecturer:
Shawn Geddis chairs the Secure Trusted OS [STOS] Consortium (http://www.stosdarwin.org), which he co-founded in August, 2000. As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple Computer, Inc., Federal Systems since 1998, he has helped to extend Apple's collaboration with the Federal Government. Prior to joining Apple, Shawn worked for more than 8 years as a Defense contractor, a majority of that time helping DARPA support and defend its network infrastructure. Contact him at geddis@apple.com.

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