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Security and Resilience for the Internet Infrastructure

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Lecturer: Dan Massey, Research Assistant Professor and Project Leader USC/ISI

This talk examines the problem of security and resilience for the Internet infrastructure. The Internet relies on the Domain Name System (DNS) for fundamental naming and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for fundamental packet delivery. Failures in either of these infrastructures can result in wide-scale denial of service or can be used as stepping stone for higher layer attacks. Both the DNS and BGP were designed primarily to cope with fail-stop faults such as the loss of link or router, but the fail-stop model does not address a growing list of concerns and current efforts to "secure" both DNS and BGP are underway.

This talk reviews some of the major efforts in securing these infrastructures and then argues that, although the current work adds essential value, the broader problem remains unsolved. The dramatic growth in scale has an impact that goes beyond increases in number of components, number of faults, and so forth. Lessons from other systems teach us that any dramatic change in size requires a corresponding change in form and this talk will suggest directions for changing the form of the Internet infrastructure.

About the Lecturer:
Dan Massey joined USC/ISI in June 2000 and currently works as Research Assistant Professor and Project Leader. He received his doctorate in computer science from UCLA and also holds a masters degrees in computer science and applied mathematics from UCLA and UC San Diego. His current research interests focus on techniques for improving Internet infrastructureservices and has resulted in a number of academic publications as well aspresentations at NANOG and IETF.

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