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About this event

Lecturer: Dr. Henry Fuchs, Adjunct Professor of Radiation Oncology

Tele-immersion research at UNC focuses on The Office of the Future, the flagship project for both NTII and STC. Above, you see our long-term vision picture of what the Office will be -- an immersive environment providing a true sense of local presence to remote participants, an enhanced working environment for collaborators both local and remote, and a new paradigm for human-computer interaction.

Currently, we use a wide-field-of-view, single-center-of-projection camera cluster to capture panoramic images for display in the Office. The images are displayed in the Office, in real time, using multiple projectors projecting onto the natural walls of the Office. This display is monoscopic, two dimensional, and perspectively correct for a single position.

Our immediate research goal is to display, using our Office set-up, correct, three-dimensional, monoscopic, immersive images for a tracked participant.