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Workshop on Midscale Instrumentation for Quantum Materials

About the series

Exposing a counterintuitive realm with the potential for mind-bending applications, Quantum Materials are receiving intense worldwide attention. The development and availability of powerful new tools to elucidate electronic correlations and transport through a wide range of length and time scales under extreme thermodynamic conditions is essential to progress in quantum materials and the topic of this workshop.

The workshop will convene top scientists and engineers of the field to classify and prioritize instrumentation needs for quantum materials in the midscale range ($5M-$60M). Documenting the deliberations in a report to the National Science Foundation, the workshop will promote a coordinated approach to the provision of advanced tools that will accelerate understanding and technological deployment of quantum materials.

As in the solid state research and development work that gave us the transistor, advances in quantum materials and their applications require a multidisciplinary approach that links the basic science of hard condensed-matter physics to chemistry, materials science, and engineering. The proposed workshop will thus have broad representation from all relevant areas of science and engineering of advanced electronic materials.

The workshop will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Virginia December 5-7, 2016 and be attended by approximately sixty leading scientists and engineers by invitation. Instrumentation to be considered includes:

  • New beam lines and detector systems for existing user facilities
  • Atomic scale real space imaging instrumentation
  • Photons from THz to X-rays: Sources and instrumentation
  • Sample environment systems for existing user facilities
  • Instrumentation for advanced thin film and bulk synthesis
  • Many-body physics quantum simulators using cold atoms and cold molecules
  • Platforms for quantum computing
  • Advanced hardware or software systems
  • New methods to share big data for quantum materials
  • Instrumentation to probe quantum materials in new ways or in new regimes

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