NSF Waiver Requests

NSF waiver requests: Build America, Buy America Act

This page includes all of NSF's waivers for the domestic procurement requirements of the "Build America, Buy America Act," and the status of the waivers.

The "Build America, Buy America Act" requires that NSF make a proposed waiver available for a 15-day public comment period before it issues any waiver. Once the public comment period has closed, NSF will consider any comments it received in its evaluation of the waiver request and make a final decision based on guidance from the Office of Management and Budget’s Made in America Office.

See NSF’s Build America, Buy America page to learn more.

Waiver NumberType of WaiverNon-Federal EntityDateStatus
20220001 (PDF, 935.22 KB) NonavailabilityCornell University10/6/2022Approved
20220002 (PDF, 925.4 KB) NonavailabilityAssociated Universities, Inc. 12/13/2022Approved
202300001 (PDF, 208.61 KB) Public InterestAcademic Research Fleet07/21/2023Approved
20240001 (PDF, 233.78 KB) Public InterestNSF-wide
De-Minimis, Small Grant, & Minor Components waiver