Shifting tundra vegetation means change for arctic animals

National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program



Empowering a new generation of STEM innovators

Discoveries in science and technology will shape our collective future. From harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to combating climate change, STEM researchers are uncovering solutions to the most critical scientific and societal challenges.

The U.S. National Science Foundation's Research Traineeship Program is empowering a new generation of scientists with the tools to pioneer needed innovation.

By transforming the STEM graduate education experience — blending cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research training with comprehensive, inclusive professional development — the program prepares future scientists to make discoveries of national and global significance.

TCUP students
Students and faculty and Navajo Technical University work on electrochemical detection techniques under an NSF grant.

Credit: Navajo Technical University


Since 2014, over 130 research institutions in 43 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands have launched NSF Research Traineeships to transform STEM graduate education and advance cutting-edge, convergence research.

composite view of continental United States showing Suomi NPP observations of nighttime illumination

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

Research themes:

From the implications of artificial intelligence to fighting climate change in the Arctic, NSF's research traineeships are driving research on national and global priorities.

Impact and innovation:

NSF has invested more than $400 million in research traineeships to give trainees the tools and knowledge to become innovative, high-impact leaders.

Meet the researchers:

From the lab to the field, learn how research trainees and principal investigators are driving cutting-edge research through innovative STEM graduate education.

Funding Opportunities

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Posted November 27, 2020