To apply and launch a new U.S. National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program at your research organization, view the latest solicitation.

Applications for the NSF Research Traineeship Program are accepted annually in September. Interested institutions and researchers can find more information for applying on the NSF website. Interested trainees and students can search current and recruiting traineeships. General inquiries regarding the program should be made to program staff at

Full proposals due September 6, Annually

Award information
Estimated program budget, number of awards and average award size and duration are subject to the availability of funds.

Estimated number of awards

  • Track 1 Awards: 14–16 awards each year, up to five (5) years in duration, with a total budget up to $3,000,000.
  • Track 2 Awards: 4–6 awards each year, up to five (5) years in duration, with a total budget up to $2,000,000.  

Proposals may only be submitted by certain types of organizations. There are also limits on the number of proposals per organization, and on the number of proposals that can be submitted by a principal investigator or co-PI. Please see the solicitation for details.

For prospective trainees interested in applying to an existing NSF Research Traineeship: 
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Interested in reviewing NRT proposals?
Consider serving as a reviewer for NRT proposals. To learn more, please contact

For more information, please reach out to our program contacts:

Program contacts

Daniel Deneckeddenecke@nsf.govEDU/DGE
Karen McNealkmcneal@nsf.govEDU/DGE
Elizabeth A. Webberewebber@nsf.govEDU/DGE


Black hole hidden within own exhaust

Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF; D. Berry/Skyworks