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Funding opportunity

Learn more about the Partnerships for Innovation, or PFI, program and how to submit a proposal in the latest solicitation and the frequently asked questions documents:


Join our monthly virtual Q&A session to ask program officers about the PFI program, including proposal and award requirements and how to design a project.

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Assess your project

To gauge whether your project fits the goals of the PFI program, feel free to email a one- to two-page executive summary to outlining the following information:

  • The NSF lineage of your PFI project (NSF-supported research results and/or I-Corps™ Teams).
  • The societal need/market opportunity to be addressed.
  • The proposed innovation.
  • Key technological hurdles you must overcome to translate the technology into a product or service.
  • The envisioned pathway to commercialization.
  • The team and partners you would bring to the PFI project.

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