Explore data and collaborate with proposers for NSF Regional Innovation Engines across the U.S.


Today, the U.S. National Science Foundation's Regional Innovation Engines, or NSF Engines, program published nearly 700 concept outlines spanning all 50 states and four U.S. territories, that are advancing to the next step as outlined in the program's funding opportunity. Explore the interactive map or use the data to find partners on the NSF Engines website.

Submitting a concept outline is the first step in the process to submitting a Type I or Type II proposal to the NSF Engines program. Each two-to-five-page concept outline for the NSF Engines program describes a region's vision for its proposed NSF Engine. A concept outline includes an overview of the applicant team's topic area, region of service, and proposed partners to develop an NSF Engine — an inclusive innovation ecosystem that will generate critical technologies, spur economic growth and promote partnerships for decades to come.

Publishing concept outline data is a new approach for NSF, where regional teams are asked to share their NSF Engines ideas before formally submitting a letter of intent and a full proposal this fall. NSF is sharing concept outline data and creating collaboration tools to connect concept outline submitters with potential collaborators within their regions and across the country. NSF hopes this release of data will drive new partnerships, collaborations and stronger multi-sector applications between now and the application deadlines.

Letters of intent, the next step in the submission process, are due by August 31, 2022, for Type I proposals and December 15, 2022, for Type 2 proposals. Learn more, view the data and reach out to applicants.

About NSF Engines

Launched by the NSF Directorate for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships, or TIP, the NSF Engines program envisions fostering multiple flourishing regional innovation ecosystems across the country, providing a unique opportunity to spur economic growth in regions that have not fully participated in the technology boom of the past few decades. Each NSF Engine catalyzes robust partnerships rooted in scientific and technological innovation to positively impact the economy within a geographic region, addresses societal challenges, and advances national competitiveness. For the latest NSF Engines information, bookmark the website and subscribe to the email list.