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Multicore Chip Design and Architecture (MCDA)

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A Joint Initiative between NSF and SRC


As Moore’s law scaling runs its course, researchers in industry and academia must explore new means by which to ensure continued technological advances in computing.  CMOS scaling is increasingly limited by the realities imposed by physics, making architectural innovations the most likely means by which to achieve increased computational performance. Multicore-based systems that modularly integrate multiple, heterogeneous processor cores on a single chip promise computational performance enhancements for both high and low end computing platforms (e.g., from petaflop machines to embedded systems). 

Novel research is needed on design, fabrication, architecture and programmability of homogeneous as well as heterogeneous multicore systems that will address virtually all hardware and software aspects of computing system design. NSF and the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) recognize this need, and have agreed to embark on this new collaborative research program to address compelling research challenges in multicore-based systems that are of paramount importance to industry, academia and society at large.

Program contacts

Additional Program Contacts:

Chitaranjan  Das,  Program Director,  CCF/CISE/NSF,  telephone: (703)292-8910,  email: cdas@nsf.gov

Timothy  Pinkston,  Program Director,  OAD/CISE/NSF,  telephone: (703)292-8910,  email: tpinksto@nsf.gov

Pradeep  Fulay,  Program Director,  ECCS/ENG/NSF,  telephone: (703)292-8339,  email: pfulay@nsf.gov

Yogesh  Gianchandani,  Program Director,  ECCS/ENG/NSF,  telephone: (703)292-8339,  email: ygiancha@nsf.gov

Dale  Edwards,  Program Manager/ICSS,  telephone: (919)941-9438,  email: Dale.Edwards@src.org

William H. Joyner, Director/CADTS, SRC, telephone: (919) 941-9472, email:  william.joyner@src.org

David Yeh, Director/ICSS, SRC, telephone: (919) 941-9464, email: David.Yeh@src.org

Scott  List,  Director/IPS,  SRC,  telephone: (919)941-9483,  email: scott.list@src.org

Kwok  Ng,  Director/DS,  SRC,  telephone: (919)941-9417,  email: kwok.ng@src.org

Sankar Basu
Program Director
sabasu@nsf.gov (703)292-8910 CISE/CCF
Lawrence Goldberg
Senior Engineering Advisor
lgoldber@nsf.gov (703)292-8339
William H. Joyner
william.joyner@src.org (919)941-9472 SRC
David Yeh
David.Yeh@src.org (919)941-9464 SRC

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