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Help NSF get to South by Southwest!

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) needs your help! We have put together a number of fascinating panels comprising an all-star cast of NSF-funded scientists, filmmakers, inventors, small business founders and partners for the 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. Now we need your support  -- and your vote  -- to get our panels picked! Over 5,000 panels have been submitted to SXSW, yet fewer than 1,000 spots are available. To ensure we're able to spotlight cutting-edge research, innovations and the men and women who make it happen, please vote for the NSF-submitted panels below and spread the word to encourage other people within your own community to vote.

Place your votes by Thursday, Aug. 30, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

This year, the NSF-related panels you can vote for are:

Spark of Science: The Unexpected Path
Dr. France Córdova shares her trailblazing journey from copy girl to astrophysicist, and why the U.S. must trailblaze new frontiers in science and engineering to maintain global leadership.

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Nature Inspired Innovation: From Lab to Market
Three scientists-turned-entrepreneurs discuss how they are bringing spider silk proteins, algae and microbes to the business world and the lessons they had to learn (and unlearn) entering the business world from the laboratory.

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The Rigors of Scientific Filmmaking in Antarctica
Learn how scientists and filmmakers operate in unforgiving Antarctica to bring the public one-of-a-kind documentary footage showing the animals, people and places that exist at the end of the world.

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Harnessing the Data Revolution
Harnessing the bonanza of Big Data to accelerate data-based discoveries and innovations requires a new cyberinfrastructure, tools and expertise.

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Experimenting in a Microgravity Lab
Research experiments aboard the International Space Station will not only prepare us for future crewed space exploration but also tell us more about natural processes of life on Earth that can help us treat ailments and preserve fragile ecosystems.

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Science in Dangerous Places for Public Rewards
Learn how scientists often risk their lives to monitor Earth's most destructive forces to collect information and develop technologies that will protect others from natural disasters.

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The U.S Government: Driving Innovation
The federal government is the ultimate entrepreneur and risk-taker, investing in early stage, radical research later subsumed by entrepreneurs and industry to transform the world. Learn how the U.S. government plays a critical role in innovation and helps shape the frontiers of science and technology.

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