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National Science Foundation presents the President’s FY 2020 budget request

Today, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released details of the President's Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Budget Request to Congress, which includes a proposed level of funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF). Detailed information will be available on NSF's website.

NSF Director France Córdova issued the following statement:

Under the President's FY2020 budget request, NSF will continue to push the frontiers of U.S. research and discovery and support the development of innovative approaches to solve society's most pressing problems.

NSF has nearly 70 years of history in advancing America's basic science and engineering enterprise through investments in cutting-edge research and education. NSF currently supports 25 percent of federal funding for fundamental research at U.S. academic institutions across all fields of science. We are helping to develop a workforce of the future that can shape and seize the opportunities offered by industries investing in compelling fields of science and technology -- artificial intelligence, quantum information science, wireless 5G communications, advanced manufacturing and more.

NSF is investing in emerging research areas that are already transforming today's economy and improving people's daily lives. NSF-funded researchers are blazing trails under the strategic framework called Ten Big Ideas, catalyzing new breakthroughs, taking advantage of decades of technological revolutions, and sewing new seeds of discovery. Convergent, basic research is key to a smarter, more secure, more inspired future.

Visit NSF's website for NSF's FY 2020 budget request.