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This week with NSF Director Panchanathan

How can strategic and intentional investments spread innovation across every community and demographic? This is the question that NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan asked of himself and others in a whirlwind week.

On Monday, Clemson University welcomed the director and Sen. Lindsey Graham to explore new research and innovations leading the automotive industry. Meaningful conversations with students, researchers, faculty and industry partners, working collaboratively to unlock transformative approaches to STEM education training, were highlights of the visit.

After returning to NSF headquarters, Director Panchanathan hosted Cathy Foley, Australia's chief scientist, and members of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Department of Industry, Science and Resources. NSF investments with Australia have led to advancements in astrophysics and gravitational wave observations, monitoring and sampling of sub-seafloor environments, cyberinfrastructure, coral reef biology and ecology. Future international collaborations will accelerate scientific discoveries across quantum information science, semiconductors and more.

On Thursday, the director met with the National Science Board (NSB) to address science and engineering policy issues that will advance the nation's competitiveness and fast-track crosscutting partnerships and programs.

collage of Panch weekly roundup with colleagues
Credit: NSF staff