Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education


Photo of Raina Plowright

Raina Plowright 
Cornell University
Department of Public & Ecosystem Health
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Ithaca, NY 14853

Committee term end date: December 31, 2025

Dr. Raina Plowright is a professor at Cornell University and is a Cornell Atkinson Scholar. Her research program develops the science of pandemic prevention through transdisciplinary leadership, innovation, and translation. She leads collaborative field, lab, and modeling studies on W.H.O. priority pathogens in bats to understand how bat viruses are transmitted between species, how land-use change influences pathogen dynamics and spillover, and how to prevent spillover through the protection of ecosystem health. Plowright is an elected fellow of AAAS and has been a David H. Smith Fellow, DARPA Young Faculty Award recipient, Fulbright Fellow, and Centenary Scholar.