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NSF 101: The NSF brand identity

The "Official Policy on Brand Standards of the U.S. National Science Foundation" outlines a framework to support the agency's written, verbal and visual identity.
In a live demonstration at the launch of the Public Quantum Network in the Urbana Free Library, members of the public wear polarizing glasses to experience for themselves the measurement of light's polarization.

Bringing quantum entanglement to the people

The United States National Science Foundation Quantum Leap Challenge Institute Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Grainger College of…
AI_ancient scrolls_first words

AI and the Roman Empire

The legacy of the Roman Empire can be seen throughout science, art, architecture, systems of government, networks of cultural exchange and language.
Illustration of a hand holding a 96-well plate next to three other plates. Blue liquid in the plates spell out the words "HELLO WORLD."

Meet 'Coscientist,' your AI lab partner

In less time than it will take you to read this article, an artificial intelligence-driven system was able to autonomously learn about certain Nobel Prize-winning chemical reactions and design a…