FY 2007 Budget Request

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FY 2007 Budget Request to Congress
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Eric Heller, Harvard University.
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In additional to his work as professor of physics and chemistry at Harvard University and National Science Foundation grantee, Dr. Heller creates digital abstract art inspired by the quantum realm of electrons, atoms and molecules. Exponential is based on electron flow paths in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG).

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The National Science Foundation proposes an FY 2007 investment of $6.02 billion to advance the frontiers of research and education in science and engineering. The budget request includes an increase of $439 million, or 7.9 percent, over FY 2006. At this level, NSF can boost the momentum of discovery in areas of exceptional promise and move aggressively to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

In pursuing the Administration's research priorities within the larger federal research and development effort, NSF's unique task is to tenaciously search out the frontier--to foster the fundamental research that delivers new knowledge to meet vital national needs and to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Our nation's future depends more and more on the quality of our new ideas, the vitality of our science and engineering workforce, and the innovative use of new knowledge generated through our research and education enterprise. As part of the President's American Competitiveness Initiative, the FY 2007 Budget Request reflects the Administration's firm commitment to doubling the NSF budget over ten years in order to sustain a robust, competitive, and productive America.


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