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For over 60 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has had a profound impact on our nation's innovation ecosystem by funding the transformative, fundamental research that has become the agency's hallmark. Just as previous NSF investments in fundamental research have led to path-breaking societal advances--from barcodes to web browsers and search engines--NSF's continuing commitment to supporting a wide range of fields and disciplines helps to secure and sustain U.S. competitiveness and economic growth. Similarly, NSF's strong support for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels provides the nation with a globally-competitive workforce.

NSF's FY 2013 Request reflects wise stewardship of federal funding through innovative, targeted investments that closely align with both agency and Administration priorities. It totals $7.373 billion, an increase of $340.0 million (4.8 percent) over the FY 2012 Estimate, consistent with the Administration's commitment to doubling funding for NSF and other key basic research agencies.

The Request emphasizes the myriad of ways that fundamental research can contribute directly to addressing national challenges:

  • Fostering the development of a clean energy economy.
  • Supporting future job creation through advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies.
  • Protecting critical infrastructure.
  • Promoting multidisciplinary research in new materials, wireless communications, cyberinfrastructure, and robotics.
  • Developing the next generation of scientific leaders through support for graduate fellowships and early career faculty.
  • Advancing evidence-based reforms in science and mathematics education.

At the same time, the request reflects a rigorous prioritization of activities across the Foundation. Approximately $67 million in lower priority education, research, and outreach programs are terminated or consolidated.

NSF's comprehensive and flexible support of meritorious projects with broad societal impacts enables the Foundation to identify and foster both fundamental and transformative discoveries within and among fields of inquiry. NSF has the latitude to support emerging fields, high-risk ideas, interdisciplinary collaborations, and research that pushes--and even transforms--the very frontiers of knowledge. In these ways, NSF's discoveries inspire the American public--and the world.


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