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NSF announces increased support for capacity building in quantum information science and engineering research

The expansive and growing societal and economic impacts of quantum information science and engineering, or QISE, pose new challenges and unique possibilities. Building capacity, broadening participation, increasing access and expanding opportunities are central to fulfilling the mandate outlined in the "National Quantum Initiative Act," passed in 2018, and a key tenet of the U.S. National Science Foundation's founding mission to advance scientific leadership and support research that breaks through barriers.

In observance of Quantum Information Science Program Days, NSF hosted government officials across 15 different federal departments and agencies. Opening remarks reflected NSF's longstanding support for quantum information science and engineering and commitment to cross-agency collaboration.

"Quantum information science has the powerful potential to advance nearly every field of science forward," said NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan. "NSF is expanding access and skills and fostering talent so the U.S. leads the quantum future." 

The NSF Expanding Capacity in Quantum Information Science and Engineering program supports work in quantum fundamentals; metrology and control; co-design and systems; and education and workforce development. NSF invested $21,397,566 in 2022 ExpandQISE awards.

The 2022 ExpandQISE awardees will participate in research that covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, including physics, computer science, materials research, engineering and chemistry. Awardees represent a diverse pool of institutions, including three historically Black colleges and universities.

Track 1

Track 1 awards are for individuals conducting research with an external partner that has extensive experience. Awardees will receive up to $800,000 over a period of up to three years.

Track 2

Track 2 awards are for teams of up to five people paired with external research collaborators with deep QISE research experience. Awardees will be granted up to $5 million over a duration of up to five years.

"ExpandQISE is a new program advancing the goals of broadening participation and enhancing capacity in quantum information science and engineering, a critical area of modern science and education," remarked NSF Assistant Director for Mathematical and Physical Sciences Sean L. Jones. "NSF is excited to announce the first awards made through ExpandQISE."

The ExpandQISE program builds capacity by providing support and resources for QISE-related research at all educational levels. Each team participates in impactful activities that bolster QISE education and workforce development.

Learn more about the ExpandQISE program and visit nsf.gov.