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Women’s History Month: The science of broadening participation of women in STEM

Research investigates women's participation in STEM fields and how it might increase

There are numerous reasons why dramatic gender disparities remain in many scientific fields, from bias and stereotypes to cultural norms, a lack of mentors and role models, and the self-images people develop through interacting with society.

For Women's History Month, the National Science Foundation (NSF) asked social, behavioral and economic scientists to share details from their research about these disparities. Check out the links below to learn more about the issues surrounding women in STEM.

Disparities and the science of women in organizations and teams: Three researchers share their thoughts on the science that examines women operating in organizations and teams.

Increasing participation in economics, engineering and computer science: Five scientists discuss fields where women are most underrepresented and share details about interventions -- such as mentorship programs -- that can help.

Developing STEM stereotypes in elementary school: Two behavioral scientists explain how stereotypes and self-images shaped by social interactions develop and how they affect choices students make.