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Dr. Carlos Martinez
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow
Division of Research, Innovation, Synergies, and Education
Directorate for Geosciences

Class of 2023-2024

Dr. Carlos Martinez is a climate scientist with interests in climate science communication, community-driven environmental research, climate variability and change.  In the American Meteorological Society, he developed and chairs the Committee on Spirituality, Multifaith Outreach, and Science (COSMOS). He has worked to build relationships and connections between multifaith and indigenous organizations and the weather, water, and climate enterprise on environmentalism, with a steadfast commitment to increase representation and engagement with underserved voices and communities when tackling environmental issues. He received his Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science at Columbia University, working at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society under the direction of the late Dr. Lisa Goddard. His analytical research focused on climate variability and change in the Caribbean rainfall cycle. He received his Meteorology at Texas A&M University.

Martinez is thrilled to be working under the NSF Coastlines and People Program, where he will be working with Principal Investigators on developing "community of practice" protocols and the evaluation site visits. He will also be working with the United Nations Ocean Decade United States Global Research Change Program,  leveraging climate expertise and relevant NSF initiatives in multi-agency programs.