Photo of Dr. Keeley Mui


Dr. Keeley Mui
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
Office of the Director
Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
Class of 2021–2022

Dr. Mui joins NSF in the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs as a 2021–2022 AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow. She is excited to aid in the agency's communication efforts and engage with different communities.

Dr. Mui is a cell biologist specializing in cancer biology and cellular mechanotransduction. Her lifelong love of science was first ignited while growing up in the kitchen of her family's Chinese takeout restaurant in Chicago. Experiments and making mischief in the kitchen transitioned to making discoveries in research laboratories. In her graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Mui delineated mechanical pathways for how cell surface adhesion receptors regulate proliferation in response to shape and stiffness. Diving deeper into the cell during her postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University, she studied how the nucleus forms critical mechanical links to maintain tissue architecture in 3D mammary structures. Outside the lab, her efforts in science outreach projects with different organizations keeps her connected with her community.