Interagency Synthetic Biology Working Group (SBWG)

Overview of the SBWG

The Interagency Synthetic Biology Working Group (SBWG), charged by the Biological Sciences Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), was created to promote interagency science and technology policy coordination efforts.

The purpose of the SBWG is to facilitate coordination and collaboration across U.S. government agencies, relevant to synthetic and engineering biology.

Synthetic and engineering biology are disciplines that are advancing fundamental understanding of complex natural living systems and enabling novel functions and capabilities in support of a growing bioeconomy.

The value of the technologies encompassed by synthetic and engineering biology are demonstrated in various sectors including biomanufacturing, energy, agriculture, and medicine.

We can harness these technologies to rapidly develop and deploy vaccines and other therapies as well as produce sustainable and environmentally responsible materials that may play a role in civilian or defense applications.