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Group photo of the attendees of the 2019 SBWG Workshop

The Interagency Synthetic Biology Working Group held a workshop on October 16-18, 2019 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and The White House. This workshop was a part of an effort across federal agencies to coordinate activities and identify opportunities in synthetic biology that will catalyze science and technology opportunity and innovation in this space.  The first two days of the invitation-only workshop included the public (academia, industry, and government) and was designed around a series of inspiring talks, case studies, and existing technology roadmaps. The third day was a government-only meeting held at The White House. One of the goals for the third day was to provide a set of recommendations to The White House and Interagency Bioeconomy Initiative.

Workshop Summary SBWG Workshop Summary (PDF, 274.97 KB)
Introduction presented by Drs. Sheng Lin-Gibson, NIST, Jessica Tucker, NIH, & Theresa Good, NSF SBWG Workshop Introduction (PDF, 837.72 KB)
EBRC Roadmap presented by Drs. Doug Friedman & Emily Aurand, EBRC EBRC Roadmap (PDF, 11.76 MB)
Opportunities in Synthetic Biology  presented by Dr. James Collins, MIT James Collins MIT (PDF, 7.97 MB)
Transforming Cellular Factories with Synthetic Biology presented by Dr. Kristala Prather, MIT Kristala Prather MIT (PDF, 5.82 MB)
Public Acceptance of Synthetic Biology presented by Dr. Barbara Harthorn, UCSB Barbara Harthorn UCSB (PDF, 8.12 MB)
Unmet Computational Needs presented by Dr. Chris Myers, U of Utah Chris Myers Utah (PDF, 3.67 MB)
Unmet Basic Science Needs presented by Dr. John Glass, JCVI John Glass JCVI (PDF, 2.58 MB)
Transforming Medicine with Synthetic Biology presented by Dr. Bruce Levine, UPenn Bruce Levine UPenn (PDF, 4.65 MB)
Unmet Needs: A company perspective presented by Dr. Asa Oudes, Benchling Asa Oudes Benchling (PDF, 3.91 MB)
Transforming Biomanufacturing with Synthetic Biology presented by Dr. Michael Koepke, LanzaTech Michael Koepke LanzaTech (PDF, 6.81 MB)


OECD Workshop Welcome
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This online workshop explored the potential of engineering biology to reshape the landscape of health innovation and enable the faster development of vaccines and diagnostics. Hosted by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), it was supported by a grant from National Science Foundation (Award #FAIN2020502) awarded to Keith Yamamoto, PhD (UCSF). The event focused on the role of biofoundries, training and diversity, and public-private partnerships in generating large numbers of candidate molecules of vaccines, diagnostics and antibodies.

More information on the workshop can be found here: