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Broadening Participation in STEM



This page features NSF broadening participation resources — including information about committees, initiatives, alliances and important links. An acronym glossary is available for your reference. 

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Career-life balance initiative

NSF's career-life balance initiative is a series of programs and other efforts designed to clear obstacles from the STEM career path.

Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering

CEOSE advises NSF on how to advance its policies and activities to encourage full participation of underrepresented groups in STEM.

Broadening participation in biology

Directorate for Biological Sciences brochure

This brochure highlights programs and other resources for researchers to learn about and get involved in broadening participation efforts.

Broadening participation in computer science

Broadening participation in computing

The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering is running a pilot effort to broaden participation in computing.

Broadening participation in education

Directorate for Education and Human Resources brochure

This brochure outlines the directorate's efforts to support broadening participation in STEM.

NSF INCLUDES national network

Supports public and private partnerships designed to scale diversity efforts that expand education pathways into the STEM community.

Listen to the NSF INCLUDES national network podcast series Collaborative Strategies for Inclusive Change.

Pathways to Science

Shares education and career training resources for students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty in STEM.

SEA Change

AAAS STEMM Equity Achievement (SEA) Change aims to advance institutional transformation in support of diversity, equity and inclusion, especially in colleges and universities.

Broadening participation in engineering

Directorate for Engineering resources

Shares broadening participation resources for the engineering community, including funding opportunities and educational resources.

Disability and rehabilitation research

The Directorate for Engineering features programs and resources for supporting disability and rehabilitation research.

LGBTQ+ advocacy in STEM

Offers a virtual community of practice and Safe Zone ally training to help participants support LGBTQ+ students and faculty.

Broadening participation in geosciences

Geoscience Opportunities for Leadership in Diversity

GOLD supports a network of champions implementing evidence-based practices to achieve greater diversity in the geosciences.

Broadening participation in mathematical and physical sciences

Mathematical and physical sciences resources

The Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences' webpage gathers resources for those interested in broadening participation in STEM, including funding opportunities, webinars and other resources.

Broadening participation in social, behavioral and economic sciences

Enhancing opportunities at Minority Serving Institutions

The Build and Broaden program expands participation in the social, behavioral and economic sciences through support for research, training and research infrastructure at minority-serving institutions, including partnerships with and among those institutions.

Science of Broadening Participation

The Science of Broadening Participation program supports social, behavioral and economic science research on expanding participation in major societal institutions, the workforce and education to enable informed decisions and design of effective programs that engage diverse groups.

Contact information

For further information concerning NSF's Broadening Participation programs, please contact:

Dr. Alicia J. Knoedler
NSF Executive Liaison for Broadening Participation in STEM
U.S. National Science Foundation

Phone: 703-292-4717