Arable Labs

Team: Arable Labs | Origin: California | Participation: NSF I-Corps Participant 2015

Through internet of things (IoT), machine learning, and hardware development, Arable Labs is improving crop forecasts at dramatically more accessible prices, allowing farmers and their buyers to make more informed decisions improving productivity, reducing risk, and increasing sustainability.  Arable’s technology is helping customers in more than 30 countries protect crops and food supply chains through data on optimized water and fertilizer use.

Arable Mark monitor
Credit: Arable Labs, Inc.
The Arable Mark monitors crop growth and weather to inform farm management and breeding.

In November 2022, Arable won Fast Company magazine’s Next Big Things in Tech Award in the agriculture category.  In July 2022, the company raised $40 million.  It was also named 2021 AgTech Breakthrough IoT Solution of the Year, THRIVE’s Top 50 Companies for 2020, Plug & Play’s Top 10 Ag Tech Companies to Watch in 2019, and the Irrigation Association’s Best New Product of 2018.


“I-Corps provided me with the tools to start a business that creates real value by solving customer problems.  By tools I mean the tactical tools for investigating pain points but also the organizational tools to build a team ethos centered around the customer and not our technology.  I cannot think of any investment our government makes that has such a profound multiplier effect on our economy, by sparking the entrepreneurship that results in real jobs for people making products solving real problems.”  Adam Wolf, founder and former CEO, Arable Labs