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Colorado–Wyoming Climate Resilience Engine

Colorado–Wyoming Climate Resilience Engine (Colorado and Wyoming), led by Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative Inc. (doing business as Innosphere Ventures), aims to advance the region's research and commercialization efforts focused on sensing, monitoring and predictive analytic technologies for climate resiliency spanning methane emissions, soil carbon capture, earth sensing, water scarcity, wildfires and extreme weather.

Map showing the region of service for the Colorado-Wyoming Climate Resilience Engine.  The region is the entire states of Colorado and Wyoming.
Lead organization: Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative, Inc. (doing business as Innosphere Ventures)

Region of service: Colorado and Wyoming (entire states).

Competitive advantage: The states of Colorado and Wyoming have borne the brunt of several climate emergencies, from unprecedented wildfires to devastating droughts and heatwaves. Meanwhile, the region has a robust startup ecosystem and research capacity in its universities with deep expertise in fields and technologies central to climate resiliency, including monitoring technologies to advance methane emissions analysis, soil carbon capture data and analytics, Earth sensing, water availability predicting, wildfire risk/prediction and extreme weather modeling. Furthermore, both Colorado and Wyoming's governors have made this NSF Engine's success and the subsequent climate resilience capabilities a major part of their agenda. As climate resilience becomes an increasingly critical global industry, both states have the expertise, government support and urgent incentives within their own states to become national leaders in the sector.

NSF award: NSF-2315760

Key technology areas
Disaster prevention and mitigation, advanced materials, advanced energy and industrial efficiency technologies, artificial intelligence, data and cybersecurity, robotics and advanced manufacturing.