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Great Lakes Water Innovation Engine

Great Lakes Water Innovation Engine (Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin), led by Current Innovation NFP, aims to discover, develop and deploy innovative key technologies that attract water-intensive manufacturers to the region, recover valuable energy and mineral resources from wastewater streams, and foster workforce opportunities, all while maintaining environmental health.

Map of the region of service for the Great Lakes Water Innovation Engine: Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin.
Lead organization: Current Innovation NFP (nonprofit).

Region of service: Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin (anchor nodes in urban and rural areas).

Competitive advantage: The Great Lakes Water Innovation Engine is geographically centered on an ecoregion that holds 90% of the fresh water in the United States. Forty million residents of the United States and Canada depend on this system for clean drinking water. Built on strong and evolving partnerships across academia, government and end users in industry and utilities, this NSF Engine aims to develop intelligent water resource recovery system testbeds at multiple scales (bench, pilot and full) to demonstrate, integrate and deploy these novel technologies to support sustainable water-intensive industry that is growing in this region.

NSF award: NSF-2315268

Key technology areas
Advanced energy and industrial efficiency technologies, advanced materials, artificial intelligence.