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Upstate New York Energy Storage Engine

Upstate New York Energy Storage Engine (New York), led by Binghamton University, aims to establish a tech-based, industry-driven hub for new battery componentry, safety testing and certification, pilot manufacturing, applications integration, workforce development and energy storage, including through material sourcing and recovery.

Map of the region of service for the Upstate New York Energy Storage Engine: Southern Tier of New York .
Lead organization: Binghamton University.

Region of service: Southern Tier of New York .

Competitive advantage: The Southern Tier of New York is home to a robust legacy of American manufacturing and is now transforming itself into the nation's advanced battery research hub. This engine is anchored by Binghamton University, the home university of Stanley Whittingham, distinguished professor of chemistry and materials science and winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his pioneering work on lithium-ion batteries. Whittingham is leading the development efforts for a research and development ecosystem and has already attracted multiple lithium-ion battery manufacturers and startups innovating across the entire lifecycle of advanced batteries. Energy storage technology will be key to the nation's clean energy transition, and advances by this NSF Engine will be essential to ensuring that transition is technically possible, economically feasible and American-made.

NSF award: NSF-2315695 

Key technology areas
Advanced energy and industrial efficiency technologies, advanced computing and semiconductors, advanced materials, data and cybersecurity, disaster prevention and mitigation, robotics and advanced manufacturing.