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Science Matters

From Earth’s poles to black holes, NSF stories about transforming the world through science.

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Duolingo logo

NSF gave Duolingo its wings!

In the U.S., more people are learning to read, write and speak in a new language using the app Duolingo.
Panch taking selfie_cropped

NSF director's portrait unveiling

Every picture tells a story. Each portrait in the gallery of directors at the U.S. National Science Foundation headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, is a chapter in the U.S.
a photo of a plate surrounded by a turkey, pie, a fork

A helping of science for Thanksgiving

However you celebrate Thanksgiving we hope that your table includes our favorite topic of conversation, NSF science. Science is on our plates, at our tables, and all around us on holidays.
Heart cells derived from stem cells

Experiments in space will deliver benefits on Earth

Science experiments that could advance treatments for heart disease and osteoporosis, develop early warning systems for dangerous mudflows, and lead to more efficient power plants and improved food…