NSF by the Numbers detailed information


NSF by the Numbers includes award, proposal and budget data. All the views in the dashboard are interactive, with the exception of trend lines.

Selecting the summary metrics above the trend line will update the title and data of all views except for Funding Rate. Selecting Funding Rate will not refresh the dashboard and will not update any metrics.

Global filters:

The following global filters are available, and upon selection, the views on the dashboard will be updated accordingly.

Fiscal Year - allows users to filter data from specific fiscal years, ranging from 2011 to 2022. Users can select multiple fiscal years for analysis.  Depending on the measure, it is based on fiscal year of proposal decision or fiscal year of obligation.

EPSCoR State - allows users to either filter EPSCoR states only or show all states. The EPSCoR states displayed include only the EPSCoR states that were in effect in the fiscal year selected by the user.

Minority Serving Institutions - allows users to filter data by specific minority serving institution designations, such as:

Disabled Serving, High African American Enrollment (HAAE), Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Hispanic Serving, Native Alaskan Serving, Native Hawaiian Serving, Pacific Islander Serving, or Tribal Colleges and Universities.

Institution Type – allows users to sort demographic groupings of NSF supported institutions by the following:

2-Year, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Other Academic, Individual, Small Business, Industry, Federal and Other.

Institution – allows users to filter by a specific Institution name.

* Note that all filters in the dashboard are dynamic, such that available options in the dropdown will be limited by previously applied filters. This way users can only make selections that produce valid data.

Metrics by State:

In the top right pane, a map view shows the currently selected metric broken out by Quartiles, with the density of color representing higher metric values as indicated in the legend. There are two filters available in this view:

Total / Per Capita – Per Capita shows the metric selected divided by the population for each state (in millions of people) for a normalized comparison across states with different populations. The population source is the United States Census Bureau’s "Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for the United States, Regions, States, and Puerto Rico," and calculations are based on the population for the fiscal year selected in global filters. Total shows the metric value with no further calculations.  

Map / Bar Graph – this filter enables the user to toggle between a map view (default) or a bar chart to show the metrics for states.


The dashboard occasionally breaks out institutions into campuses that the State Fact Sheets combine into one.


The dashboard excludes NSF’s operational directorates and the contracts that they fund, making totals slightly lower for some states than those shown in the State Fact Sheets.