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Welcome to our Author Tools site! Here you'll find info to help you create and manage content on your Drupal site. is built on the Drupal platform, an open-source content management system (CMS).

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This site is a work in progress and will be updated as features are added or changed.

Why use a Content Management System (CMS)? 

In a CMS, content and formats are saved centrally, eliminating the need to hop around the site making the same change in multiple places. This saves time and reduces the margin for error by keeping everything in sync. 

Benefits for authors


The CMS retains every version of your content each time it is saved. This versioning allows you to look back at previous iterations and identify what changed. This can save you a lot of re-work if you make a change and then decide an earlier version had something you wanted. You have several options for bringing content from the older version forward to the current version.

Media and document files live in a collection

In a modern CMS, media – images, videos, PDF documents, and the like – are uploaded into a media collection and are re-usable. You can browse the media collection to get ideas for media to put in your page or component.

Learn about the NSF Media Hub and how to use the Image Component

Learn about components that include files.